Wars have been part and parcel of human existence since the dawn of man, fighting over resources, power, and a myriad of reasons both petty and serious. As a result of all this constant fighting, people get displaced in the process, uprooted from their homes and countries, and forced to live in other people’s countries as refugees. However, wars are not the only culprits, we have religious discrimination, natural disasters like hunger, political factors like the Snowden case, and so many others. So how do you define a refugee? A refugee by definition is a displaced person forced to cross national boundaries due to war, discrimination or natural disasters such as it is hard for them to return home safely. And how do you define a refuge? A refuge on the other hand, is an allocated space or area which can be used by displaced occupants as a temporary or permanent home.

The life of a refugee involves a lot of hardship. For starters, with their homes taken away from them, they are forced to live at the mercy of their hosts. All members of the United Nations are by international decree supposed to provide refuge to displaced persons without any discrimination; they are bound by law to give sanctuary to anyone who comes knocking at their door. This however, has not been the case in recent years since incidences of strife and war have escalated to levels where most of these countries are unable to take in the rising number of people seeking refuge.

Refugee numbers will keep on increasing in the future as wars and global warming continue to wreak havoc across the planet. There is little the United Nations can do to plug this since its foremost members are the culprits who actively engage in wars every day. As long as this remains the case, the phenomena that is the refugees is here to stay.

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