Suicide Bombing and the ISIS connection.

Suicide bombers are not a new phenomenon in the terrorist world. They go back as far as the 1980s where the practice started to take root during the Cold War with the first large scale suicide bombing happening during Israel’s occupation of Lebanon. This was the pre-cursor to the birth of radical terror groups that started spreading across the globe. The number of suicide bombing attacks that have occurred in the last 30 years cannot even be counted.

The Syrian civil war has also had its fair share of suicide bomb attacks. ISIS militants, seeped deep in their radical ideologies, have been known to brazenly give up their lives on the battle front through suicide attacks on the enemy and this has not been limited to Syria alone. As the Syrian population flees the country in search of a new home they have been welcomed as refugees in many countries in Europe and Northern America. As a result of this ISIS started attacking these countries with random terrorist attacks that were carried out by suicide bombers. Here is a timeline of suicide bomber attacks since 2015

November 2015: Paris was attacked with bombs and shootings. 130 people died

March 2016: Brussels, Belgium. 32 people were killed by terrorists

July 2016: Nice, France. 84 died after a bomb induced rampage started on Bastille Day

December 2016: Berlin. A lorry was driven into a packed market killing 12 people

March 2017: Westminster. Another car attack where 2 people were run down and killed

May 2017: Manchester. A terror attack left 22 dead and scores injured after a bomb went off during an Arianna Grande concert. A lone suicide bomber blew himself up among teenagers who were leaving the concert at around 10 pm.

June 2017: London Bridge. Eight people were killed by three attackers using knives

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