Syrians in Canada – Can it Be Averted?

When the Syrian civil war began in 2011 on the back of the Arab uprising, no one predicted how devastating this unrest would transform into and now six years later the full effects of this war are starting to show their heads everywhere, but no one is feeling the full brunt of this more than Canada.

Tucked in the northern most part of the Americas, Canada has for ages enjoyed the obscurity they have been accorded by the world, but that has now started to change as wave after wave of Syrian refugees are turning their attention to Canada where they believe is the best place for them to start over. When the first wave of refugees came knocking at the Canadian border, the government took a mute approach, but that changed after the photo of three-year old Alan Kurdi hit the internet, that was when the Canadian government starting looking at the issue differently. The public outcry allowed for refugees to start getting resettled in Canada, as of August 2015 a total of 2302 Syrians have been granted asylum in the country.

The liberal government of Justin Trudeau has since then tried to expand the settlement of Syrian refugees in their valiant effort to handle the Syrian refugee crisis in Canada, but has also been forced to fight against Islamophobia from its citizens towards the refugees, which is to be expected. Balancing the two has led to the present Syrian refugee crisis in Canada, should the government bow to pressure from its people and turn the refugees away or should it risk the country’s wrath and withdrawal of support by allowing the refugees in?

This further proves that despite the noble efforts of the Canadian government to be as welcoming as possible to the Syrian refugees resistance from some of its citizens will forever be present at all times, it is a natural response by people from any country when faced with an influx of refugees, the preservation of self.

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