The ISIS-Canada Connection

In June 2016 a list of 8,300 people was released by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. The list was made of names of random people from around the world, people who ISIS vowed to kill. Among those names were the names of 151 Canadians. The baffling part about all this was that there was no connection among the people whose names appeared on that list. So how did the Canadian names appear there?

The wrath that ISIS has with Canada can be attributed to the fact that Canada has been one of the most welcoming nations towards the Syrian refugees. This has been viewed as a form of war declaration in the eyes of ISIS since they have been using refugees as human shields in their war against civilisation. By providing homes to these refugees Canada has become a prime target of terrorist attacks and although nothing of that sort has happened so far, the feeling of uneasiness still permeates among the Canadians with security levels on high alert all through. The 151 Canadians may have asked themselves a lot of questions regarding how they ended up on the list but in times of war like this anything can happen.

As the Syrian conflict continues with no possible resolution in sight more refugees will keep on streaming through different borders and Canada will most likely be their number one destination given its liberal stand on refugees, as much as this will increase the likelihood of being attacked by ISIS, turning away the refugees is out of question for them.

To further cement their commitment to oppose ISIS, as of January 2017 Canada has 200 of its special forces who have been operating in Iraq for the last years giving assistance to the Iraqi army and the allied forces towards rooting out the ISIS insurgents.

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